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Auctions Guy Bissonnette 


During the seventies and eighties, Guy devoted much of his spare time at playing and coaching minor sports, taking on leadership roles. He was also in non-lucrative organizations like Knights of Columbus, Optimist, etc. Guy received awards for outstanding leadership. Outside of auctioneering, Guy was involved in the family business, before starting his own. In 1980 the family business decided to have an auction. This sale made him realize that this was a medium he enjoyed. So in 1981 he went to an auctioneering school.  Ever since, he has been involved in various kinds of auction sales. This year, he is working on creating an auctioneering school. He is planning to open it in 2012.


There always will be a mystical hypnosis that springs from the auctioneer's chant; a kind that any supermarket chain would love to imitate. This magic can drive a normally meek individual into a fit over a box of antique nails! Using this magical chant can be most effective, but it must also be 'fair & square', and this is something this man command. The auctioneer also knows when to say SOLD. Guy projects his chant. He uses his stomach muscles rather than his vocal cords (an advantageous feature since his voice does not tire or crack after a long day’s auction). The cane is used for pointing out merchandise and bids and is especially useful to the auctioneer after standing for long periods of time. The straw hat is used to keep the sun, rain or even the snow off their brows. He has a very flexible approach, enabling him to conduct household, estate, real estate, farm, livestock, bankruptcy, consignment & charitable auctions.     

When you attend an auction, you will be greeted by Louise, Paulette or Dyane who will get you registered with a complimentary bidder's number. You can then preview the auction items but if you are looking for something specific - just ask one of the helpful staff members  to direct you. Then all you have to do is be ready and willing and let the auction begin. Terms and conditions of the auction will be announced, along with upcoming sales and then it is on to the bidding itself. Once an item is sold the clerk records it which is sent to the cashier's making it easy for you to pay out at any time. We pride ourselves on our honest and helpful staff who are of vital importance to our auction business


Your auction whether it be in a prestigious auditorium, a church hall, a milk parlour, a farmstead or a field will be managed professionally and efficiently. At the end of your auction sale, you will be provided with a detailed summary along with the proceeds in the form of one cheque from Les encans Guy Bissonnette Auctions.